As the warmer weather finally bursts its way through, you’re likely planning more outdoor activities. However, have you thought about your cooling system yet? There are some must-do maintenance tasks that every homeowner should make a priority to get done before the hot summer season arrives.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

First and foremost, you’ll want to make an appointment with your chosen HVAC technician to get professional maintenance performed on your cooling system. This is not only important to ensure that your system is working optimally but is also typically an annual requirement to keep your warranty active. It’s best to get your appointment scheduled sooner rather than later so that you can address any issues that your air conditioning system may have before you need to rely on it around the clock.

Set Your Thermostat

A great place to start your springtime HVAC maintenance is with your thermostat. You’ll want to switch it from heating to cooling mode and program your desired temperatures. If you haven’t upgraded to a smart thermostat, you should highly consider doing so. This new smart technology allows you all the great features of a programmable thermostat and much more. From alerting you of when your air filter needs to be changed to making thermostat setting suggestions about how to be more energy-efficient, you’ll love all the help that a smart thermostat can offer your household.

Stock Up On Air Filters

One of the biggest efficiency killers of your cooling system is a dirty filter. Your system will have to work overtime to deliver an adequate amount of cold air to your home. To avoid this headache, simply stock up on your air filters now. You’ll want to purchase the same model filter as what’s currently in your HVAC system. You’ll also want to make it a priority to check your system’s filter at least once every three to four weeks.

Check Your Air Vents

If you have a centralized air conditioning system, then you have ductwork that circulates air throughout your home. As the air comes out of the ductwork, it will escape via the vents. If you have these vents obstructed with any objects, it can restrict your system’s ability to adequately deliver the cold air that you need. As part of your springtime maintenance checklist, simply walk around to each vent in your home and make sure that there are no obstructions.

Clean Around Your Outdoor Unit

An essential part of your home’s cooling system is its condenser unit, which sits outside. Over time, loose debris from your yard can blow up against the unit and block its venting. You want to simply assess the exterior of your condenser unit and remove any stuck-on debris. If there is any shrubbery or low-hanging branches, be sure to trim them nicely to allow for adequate ventilation in the unit.

Consider Getting Your Ducting Serviced

Your ducting is an essential part of your cooling system. When it becomes packed full of airborne allergens and debris, it can drastically reduce your indoor air quality. It can also restrict airflow through your ducting, which can lead to excess wear and tear on your cooling system. If you notice that your ducting looks relatively dirty, it’s time to consider having it cleaned by a licensed HVAC professional.

Seal Up Doors and Windows

As you’re going through your HVAC maintenance list, it’s also a good time to check your doors and windows to see if there are any air gaps. These gaps can allow unwanted hot air from the outdoors to seep into your home, causing your air conditioning system to run more often to combat the heat. By using weatherstripping and/or caulking, you can eliminate those unwanted air gaps and boost the overall efficiency of your cooling system.

Give It a Test Run

Once you’ve completed your HVAC maintenance checklist, it’s time to give your cooling system a test run. Listen for any unusual noises or off smells. When your system kicks on, be sure to walk around to all of your supply vents to make sure that each one has an adequate amount of cold air coming out of it. If you notice any oddities while test-running your cooling system, it’s best to have them addressed by an HVAC technician before the hot summer season hits.

Consider System Upgrades

When it becomes time to plan for another hot summer season, you should take some time to think back to any problems you had in the previous year. Was your home too humid? Maybe you should consider upgrading with a whole-home dehumidifier. Were your allergies flaring up while relaxing indoors? Maybe it’s time to consider a better air filtering system. Be sure to talk with your HVAC technician to learn more about potential upgrades available to you to enhance the comfort of you and your family during the summertime.

Professional AC Service

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