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    Humidifier attached to AC unitDid you know that with the proper level of humidity in your home, you can breathe easier with improved indoor air quality? Dry eyes, congestion, or a scratchy throat could all be signs that your home’s air is too dry!

    Proper home humidity can benefit you, your home, and your health in various ways and even your furniture! A whole-home humidifier can be easily added to any air conditioning or heating system in Indiana.

    Benefits of Humidifiers

    The advantages of whole-home humidifiers are endless, but specifically these types of systems allow proper humidification levels without spreading mold or mildew. Some additional benefits include:

    • Helps alleviate dry skin and irritation
    • Reduces static electricity in the air
    • Improves breathing and alleviates respiratory issues
    • Preserves wood furniture and musical instruments
    • Prevents damage to houseplants
    • Enhances overall home comfort and health

    Don’t settle for a humidifier with a reservoir where water can stagnate and spread mold or mildew. A flow-through humidifier from G. R. Freeman Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is easy to maintain, has no moving parts and is designed to operate efficiently all year long!

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    Get Your Humidity Under Control

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