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    Let G. R. Freeman Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. take care of your heating and/or air conditioning systems all year long! Routine maintenance and care will allow your HVAC system to work at it’s best no matter the season. Experience fewer repairs throughout your unit’s life and lower your utility bills through maximum system efficiency.

    Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your heating or cooling system is saving you money, oftentimes the savings you’ll gain are enough to pay the cost of your plan!

    Comprehensive HVAC Maintenance Tasks

    Our Technicians Will:
    • Inspect your evaporator coil
    • Check your fan motor
    • Monitor your expansion valve
    • Test capacitors
    • Clean all connections and drains
    • Run delays & adjust dampers
    • Monitor refrigerant levels
    • Inspect and clean filters
    • Check operating pressure levels
    • Tighten all connections
    • Measure voltage differences
    • Evaluate safety controls
    • Measure amperage & inputs
    • Clean all necessary components
    • Clean & adjust burners
    • Inspect heat exchanger & condenser coil
    • Evaluate ventilation
    • Inspect thermocouple
    • Adjust thermostat calibration
    • Tighten fan blades

    Benefits of Routine HVAC Maintenance

    • Reduce Monthly Cooling and Heating Costs
    • Ensures Safety and Efficiency
    • Improve System Longevity
    • Priority Customer Service
    • Transferable Maintenance Agreements
    • Improved Dependability
    • Discount on Necessary Repairs
    • 24-Hour Emergency Services

    At G. R. Freeman Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we can maintain and perform service for nearly every make and model of heating and air conditioning system. Let our team take care of you and sign up for a plan today!

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