Out of your comfort zone?

Is your home too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter? Are your bills too high all year long? These are obvious signs that your heating and air conditioning system is not working at peak efficiency, and G.R. Freeman can help.  

With over 35 years of quality service to the greater Evansville area, our certified, professional comfort specialists are qualified to inspect, diagnose, and correct the problem so that you won’t lose another dollar to inefficiency. And if you’re ready for a new system, we can give you a complete installation and service that will help you keep your money where it belongs—in your pocket! 

Need More Reason To Choose Us For Air Conditioner Service, Repair or Installation?

  • We've Been Serving Evansville Since 1977
  • 2nd Generation Family Owned & Operated HVAC Service
  • Highly-Skilled Technicians
  • On-Time, Expedited Service
  • Competitive Prices on Repair, Install, and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Super Fast Response
  • FREE Estimates On Installs

Just as your car needs routine preventative maintenance to keep it performing at its peak, your heating and air conditioning system (HVAC) needs to be serviced before there is a problem. Our trained specialists can inspect your system and look for the warning signs of trouble ahead and keep you and your family in your comfort zone year round. We work on, install, and service Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Rheem Heaters, Furnaces and Boilers, and many other popular brands. Get a FREE estimate now!

Contact us today and let us get you comfortable again, 812-867-5077!  

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